Review: Yes, Prime Minister – Aria Cole

Yes, Prime Minister is a really hot and enticing novella by Aria Cole. It’s the story of Bryce, the Prime Minister, and Juliette.four-stars

These two characters were such a delight to read and get to know. 34995259

Bryce Gallagher, PM of Canada: young, ambitious, charming, focused, and industrious. An alpha that goes after what he wants whether it’s where he wants to take the country to or about the woman he was fated to be with.

office-romanceA chance encounter in an elevator car is all he needs. And he doesn’t let that chance pass him.
I loved reading about Juliette and Bryce. Their chemistry was off the charts hot.

Their camaraderie was amazing, both characters fit in every way, add a little kink to that and you have a hot story that will steam the screen of you kindle while melting your heart in the process.keep-calm-and-add-to-your-tbr

This story is light, its sweet, its romantic, funny and hot. It’s short and instant and the perfect read on a nice sunny afternoon.

All in all, I enjoyed reading all about Bryce and Juliette and their instant romance that burned really bright and hot.




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