Book Reviews


“No two persons ever read the same book” – Edmund Wilson

Alphabetized by Title:

100 Proof – Shanora Williams
Author Anonymous – E.K. Blair
Bossman – VJ Keeland
Black Truth – Kristin Mayer
Broken at Love – Layla Payne
Darkest Before Dawn – Stevie J. Cole
Dirty Doctor – Whitney G.
Divine Conspiracy – Rose Hudson
El Diablo – M. Robinson
Ends Here – M. Robinson
Ghost – A. Zavarelli
In Ruins – Danielle Pearl
King of Wall Street – Louise Bay
Mad Sea – K. Webster
Mercy and Mayhem – Lindsay Cross
MVP – M. Robinson
My Russian Beast – Marian Tee
Naughty Boss – Whitney G.
Notice – K. Webster
Our Options Have Changed – Julia Kent & Elisa Reed
Passion and Venom – Shanora Williams
Pennies – Pepper Winters
Pretty Lost Dolls – K. Webster
Pretty Stolen Dolls – K Webster & Ker Dukey
Reasonable Doubt Series – Whitney G.
Road to Nowhere – M. Robinson
See Through Heart – Amie Knight
Selfless – Alyson Reynolds
Stepbrother Dearest- Penelope Ward
Stuck-up Suit – Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward
The Rhythm of Your Heartbeat – Elle Ellerton
This Is Love, Baby – K. Webster
This Isn’t Over, Baby – K. Webster
This Isn’t You, Baby – K. Webster
This Is War, Baby – K. Webster
 The Perfect Illusion – Winter Renshaw
 Torrid Affair – Callie Anderson
 Turbulence – Whitney G.
Villain – Jackie Wang
VIP – M. Robinson
White Lies – Kristin Mayer
Yes, Prime Minister – Aria Cole